Activity levels take in numerous factors of your lifestyle and often determined by how hard your heart works when exercising.

LOW: [you do little to no exercise]

Calories***- Male 2400kcal / Female 2000kcal

When exercising at a low-intensity level, you are able to breathe normally and are able to sing while you perform an activity. Under normal conditions, low-intensity exercise will not make you sweat. Examples might include taking an easy walk, stretching, shopping and light gardening.

MODERATE: [you exercise but under the recommended 2 1/2 hours per week]

Calories*** Male 2600-2800kcal / Female 2000-2200kcal

When exercising at a moderate-intensity level, you breathe harder and deeper than at a low-intensity level. You can’t sing any tunes, but you can hold a conversation as you take a brisk walk, which is a good example of a moderate level exercise. After around 10 minutes of exercise, you should break into a sweat. Cutting the grass, riding a bike on level surfaces and trail walking with slight inclines are examples of moderate exercises.

HIGH: [you work out vigorously for at least one hour and 15 minutes per week]

Calories*** Male 2800-3200kcal / Female 2200-2400kcal

Exercising at a high-intensity level, your heart is working at maximum efficiency. Talking will be difficult at this level and you will breathe rapidly. You will break into a sweat after just a few minutes doing exercises like biking or hiking on hills, jogging, swimming.

*** These are only estimates due to the complexity of varying factors including weight, height, age, climate, health etc and as such should only be used as a guide.