In a world where everything nowadays is online, printed publications can be forgotten about with all the kindles and on-demand services…except The Bushcraft & Survival Skills Magazine that is…

,There aren’t many outdoorsmen who hike to a secluded wood, set up camp, build a fire for the night and then settle down to watch a series on Netflix or an online magazine. You simply don’t go to such places surrounded by the wilderness for online content. Not only is technology often the furthest from the mind for outdoorsmen out in the woods but, there often isn’t enough network coverage to support it anyway. That is where there really is nothing better than a traditional printed publication, like the Bushcraft & Survival Skills Magazine.

There is no battery to die,  no software update to install or signal to try and find. Delivered to your door every two months, enjoy at home or simply packed away in your rucksack before you explore and you can learn from your favourite survival and bushcraft experts, wherever you are in the world. 

Further more, when you have finished reading you can keep it or pass it on to spread the knowledge of Bushcraft & Survival to your friends and family, you can’t do that with an online subscription. 

Technology has it’s place, but sometimes the traditional way is the only way.

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