From the very beginning, we have been passionate about reducing the impact our business practises have on our planet and feel a strong moral duty to ensure we do everything we possibly can.

We Reduce

  • Work mostly online, reducing the amount of printing required for our operations
  • Buy eco-friendly office products
  • Use 100% recycled printer paper
  • Use 100% Apple Computers in our office, which have been made using 100% renewable energy, are Energy Star rated and use 100% recycled tin and 60% recycled plastic
  • Offer special pricing on 100% vegetarian packages to encourage the sale of carbon neutral food
  • Our office electricity is sourced from 100% renewable energy

We Re-Use & Re-Cycle

  • Re-use packaging from stock deliveries where possible
  • Recycle packaging we can’t re-use where possible
  • We re-cycle all office equipment and machinery
  • We use re-usable water bottles and coffee cups in the office instead of single use items
  • We donate returned products to charity

We Buy Responsibly

  • All our new packaging is sustainably sourced
  • We use recycled cardboard boxes, paper or wood wool filler, paper tape
  • Our pallet deliveries are wrapped in 85% recycled plastic wrap
  • Our mailing bags are 100% recycled and recyclable
  • We continueously look for more sustainable products and packaging
  • Our single use products are in recyclable packaging where possible

We Ask Questions

  • Ask manufacturers if they can be more sustainable or find more recyclable packaging
  • Ask our suppliers to send in eco-friendly packaging
  • Ask our couriers about their sustainability processes
  • Ask our customers to re-use, recycle and buy responsibly

We Support

  • We support enviromental and conservation charities
  • We support small sustainable businesses by offering a platform to sell their new products