So your all set for your hike round the local trail or up that mountain trail you’ve been wanting to do for a while, but are you really set? 

Did you check the weather report or the current conditions due to recent weather?

It’s one of the major factors you have to take into account when doing any outdoor activities, as it can have a massive impact.

So let’s simplify it down to “Hot & Cold” to make things easier.

Let’s presume that “Hot” is going to be sunny, dry, approx. 20’C and above. So we have to take into account that we need a lot more water to stay hydrated and top up our vitamins (Prepper’s Paradise Hydration Pack), the requirement of sun protection by wearing a hat, sunglasses and sun cream, less layers of clothing and to consume more calories due to the heat.

• Studies have shown that the best temperature for walking/hiking is 10’C – 13’C

Now onto “Cold” which assuming is approx. 10’C and below, so we have to factor in extra layers for warmth, hot food to keep the body temperature up and increase morale (Prepper’s Paradise Self Heating MRE means you don’t need to worry about building a fire before eating!), plenty of water to stay hydrated but remember ideally not cold water, drink lukewarm water if possible.

Only some very light guidance but most of all, don’t forget the following before going outdoors;

“Check the weather reports and conditions for the area your going to be in”