Fish Free – Box Of Everything (25 Boxes / 150 tins)


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25 Boxes
150 Tins
1098 Meals
858 Ingredient portions



Our Fish Free Box Of Everything is the perfect way to cater for your fish allergy and that of your family without having to squint through all the ingredients! No Fish, Crustaceans or Molluscs.

Freeze dried food maintains 97% of the taste, texture and nutrition for 15 years and is very simple to prepare, simply add water! No chemicals or preservatives required for freeze dried processing. Just tasty, natural, high quality ingredients!

Freeze dried food can be eaten as it is, rehydrated with cold water and either eaten cold or heat up, or rehydrated with boiling water giving plenty of preperation options for whatever circumstances you find yourself in.

What’s included:

6x Scrambled Egg with Cheese (48 meals)
6x Scrambled Egg (48 meals)
6x Morning Oats with Raspberry (108 meals)
6x Pasta Bolognaise (48 meals)
6x Chicken Tikka (48 meals)
6x Chicken Fajita (48 meals)
6x Chicken Fried Rice (48 meals)
6x Vegetable Fried Rice (42 meals)
6x Macaroni Cheese (60 meals)
6x Spicy Pasta Arrabiata (42 meals)
6x 5 Bean Cassoulet (42 meals)
6x Vegetable Tikka (48 meals)
6x Beef & Potato Stew (36 meals)
6x Chilli Con Carne (48 meals)
6x Sweet & Sour Chicken (48 meals)
6x Vegetable Chipotle Chilli (42 meals)
6x Rice Pudding with Strawberry (120 meals)
6x Chocolate Mouse with Granola & Cherry (90 meals)
6x Custard Apple Crunch (84 meals)
Total Meals: 

6x Cooked Diced Chicken (144 Portions)
6x Cooked Minced Beef (144 Portions)
6x White Rice (120 Portions)
6x Sweetcorn (150 Portions)
6x Sliced Green Beans (120 Portions)
6x Peas (180 portions)
Total Portions:

25 Boxes
150 Tins
1098 Meals
858 Ingredient portions


Each recipe box contains 6 family size tins of ready to go Freeze Dried meals that feed 6-10 people (6-10 meals per tin) and each ingredient box contains 6 tins of freeze dried ingredients that contain 20-24 portions per tin, ready to include in your homemade recipes.