Flamers Natural Firelighters – 24 Pack


Natural, odourless and long burning and you only need one to light the fire.

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Flamers Natural Firelighers 24 Pack are a great way to light any of your fires.  They get wood burning quickly and are an odourless and natural product .

This pack of Flamers Natural Firelighters are sold with 24 individual pieces in each pack.

Flamers Natural Firlelighters are made from wood shavings that have been dipped in paraffin wax.  They are a great way to light all of your fires quickly and easily.

As they are odourless Flamers Natural Firelighters are a particulary good idea for use on BBQ’s or anywhere else you may be cooking food.

Flamers Natural Firelighters are a great way to get your fire lit quickly. They can be used for lighting any fires where you do not wish to spend time waiting on getting the first flames started.  Flamers also burn long enough to get larger wood pieces burning with the minimum amount of effort.

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