Gurkha Kukri Knife


Kukri Knife as used by the Gurkhas.


Product Description
The Kukri has been the knife of choice by the Gurkhas for many years for a reason. It has multiple functionality which allows the knife to be used as a machete, for cutting, slicing, intricate work and much more. The Kukri is a Nepalese knife with an inwardly curved blade, similar to a machete, used as both a tool in Nepal and some neighbouring countries of South Asia. This knife is truly versatile.

Additional Details
Standard Features
Dimensions: 0.42×0.20
Pack Size: 42x20cm
Weight (g): 600g
Material: Stainless steel blade with rubber handle

Additional Features
Kukri / Khukuri Knife as used by the Royal Gurkha Rifles of the British Army.
Made form strong 5mm thick stainless-steel
Black painted blade for added concealment
Ergonomic rubber grip handle
Strong Nylon sheath
Belt loop attachment
Lanyard hole

Additional information

Weight 600 g