SELF HEATING MRE is Military language for “Self Heating Meal Ready to Eat” (also referred to as ‘Ready to Eat Meals or Wet Meals’)
“It is a meal that has been precooked and only needs to be reheated by using the unique Flameless Magnesium Heater** supplied with the meal”

The Self Heating MRE is prepared and flat packed in a special retort pouch.

The MRE Comes with the Flameless Magnesium Heater** and activation water sachet.

** Flameless Magnesium Heaters have a longer shelf life and achieve higher temperatures when cooking the meal than standard Flameless Heaters!

The MRE is perfect for all scenarios ranging from a simple camping trip to a widespread emergency.
When stored correctly, they have a long Best Before Date.

Flat design for easy storage and lots of mouth watering flavours to choose from, certainly a big difference to the “MRE of the past”!

In Emergencies, the MRE can be eaten cold if required, as the meal is already cooked.